Factors that cause acne

Some people cannot relate to the difficulties of having acne. Those who can know that it is entirely a gruesome experience caused by a lot of factors. One large factor is too much oil being produced and having follicles of hair which make it difficult for this oil to be expelled through the pores. This is the main contributing factor. However, there are so many other causes of acne that will magnify the already existing problem.

Below are the factors that cause acne

Your hormones

A lot of dermatologists have proven that your hormones are a contributing factor to the emergence of acne. Your hormones tend to fluctuate just before your menstrual cycle, and this becomes one of the main causes. The result is some painful acne usually on the face, back, neck as well as the chin.


Stress is also a factor that contributes to acne because it does contribute to hormonal changes. Stress is unavoidable primarily by people who are working fulltime. The adrenal gland in your body produces cortisol when you are under stress. It is supposed to help the body to cope with this stress. The unfortunate bit, however, Is that testosterone somehow leaks with the cortisol during this process. In a woman’s body, the result of this male hormone leaking is that the production of oil will increase and this will lead to acne.


Those who live in the countryside get to enjoy some fresh air. However, living in the city during this age of pollution exposes you to a lot of toxic gases which irritate your skin and eventually cause acne. If you take a wet white cloth and wipe your face with it after being outside for even an hour or two, you’d be surprised at the color you see. Pollution is a huge cause of acne.

Too much cleansing

You end up irritating your skin if you cleanse it too much. Wash your face at least twice a day. Any more than that will dry your skin, and the amount of oil it produces will be increased just to compensate for it. To a large extent, even scrubbing your skin can cause acne. Clean your skin but do not cleanse too much.

Your diet

Some foods generally cause acne. Some of the ones dermatologists recommend we avoid are dairy products and iodine as well. Doctors say iodine should be avoided at all costs because it builds up a lot before you break out…